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My light meter's broken, maybe this will help (use digi camera as light meter):

More to follow!


Testing Microsoft Word Integration

So it's possible that I might be able to blog from Microsoft Word. I have a feeling that this may up my blog output a bit.

I'll probably be sharing links as well as music so that I can remember what I need to read (or remember cool things I've read).

Woohoo, let's see if I can keep this up…


Music Videos!

I'll have a holiday post up pretty soon with my favorite albums of 2009 (and maybe the whole decade!), but for now, I'm still alive and kicking and here's too crazy music videos to keep you busy.


End of Summer?!

And so it begins. That is the slow descent into fall that starts right around the beginning of August. Yeah yeah, I know summer doesn't end for another month and a half, but everyone knows the second half goes quicker than the first. Although, we're finally starting to get some actual summer weather (80's and 90's) so maybe the summer has just begun? Either way, it's time to get at least one or two summer albums posted before the beach transforms into the frozen tundra (which is probably better for all seeing as one need only touch the sand to become infected with horrible gastrointestinal diseases).

Discovery is a side project formed by the keyboardist from Vampire Weekend and a singer/guitarist from Ra Ra Riot. I don't encourage indie inbreeding, but this project seems to have avoided any serious incest problems. Both Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot have a danceable song or four, but the entire Discovery LP is based on exploring those sugary summer dance hall beats. And for the most part, this record succeeds in making the body move. I suppose it's fitting then, that with the fall fast approaching and the requisite fall dance parties sure to start up once the semester begins again, that this record will have been out long enough to blossom into a full on fall party record. K, back to work!

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Black Francis

So I have a long post written in my journal, but I'm going to throw in a quick filler before I transcribe the long one.

Tonight is Black Francis at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Hts. Black Francis/Frank Black of Pixies fame. I've never seen the Pixies, but I was lucky enough to see Black Francis while I was in Belgium. He played in a botanical gardens that for some reason had a stage and club as part of the main structure. I'm not complaining because it was probably one of the more amazing venues to see a show. Those crazy Europeans. Anyway, I wasn't very familiar with Black Francis' solo stuff, so I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy the show even having not listened to many of his albums. A large amount of the setlist consisted of songs off his new album, Bluefinger, but he threw in a few old ones as well. And from what I've heard, Cleveland is supposed to get a mix of new and old with the possibility of a few Pixies songs. So check it out! Or check out Bluefinger.

(and I think you already have this album Yue Hou, I'll post something new soon)

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New posts soon, I promise.

Started a job so I've been kind of busy.

Stay tuned for:

1. The Hold Steady vs. He's Just Not that Into You
2. Little Boots Big Kicks
3. Dan Deacon 'Rave Up Max Dance Music' (and chocolate covered bacon)

That's all for now. But I have some time to write over the vacation so write I shall (if anyone even still reads this...)